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Sergio Kun Aguero still shows interest in Chelsea

One of the stars who gained respect in the eyes of many, in the shortest span of time is definitely the Atletico Madrid star, Sergio Kun Aguero. The Argentinean never fails to deliver and performs well in every match that he steps in. He wears the number 10 jersey in his Spanish club and plays alongside the FIFA World Cup 2010 golden ball winner, Diego Forlan and the Portuguese star, Simao.

Sergio Kun Aguero recently came under the radar when he got married to the Argentinean legend, Diego Maradona’s daughter. After the marriage, Aguero’s career came to its peak as he performed well for his club and for his international team which was managed by his father in law, the man himself, Diego Maradona.

In the FIFA World Cup 2010, Aguero mostly sat on the bench as he was not given too much time on the field. Argentina’s first match was against the Nigerians and they won the match 1-0 without the help of the Atletico Madrid star.

During their second match against the Koreans, they could not really penetrate through the defensive wall of the Koreans until Aguero was injected on to the field. Combining with the Barcelona magician, Lionel Messi, Aguero helped Gonzalo Higuain score 2 goals and eventually a hat-trick. The fans saw what his quick feet could do on the field and how he could help the team win a match in a second. He was being utilized as a power-sub in the Argentinean squad even though Diego Maradona was the manager of the team.

In recent years, Aguero has been able to score great goals for his club and for his country. He has even helped his team come out of nowhere as he combined well with Diego Forlan to help Atletico Madrid win the final match of the Europa cup. He was unfortunate enough not to score a goal in the FIFA World Cup 2010 but he was able to score a few for his club in the previous season.

He was even part of the squad when Atletico Madrid defeated Barcelona for the first time in the Spanish League. Atletico Madrid was the only team that was able to achieve a “victory” over the Spanish giants Barcelona.

Recently, Aguero has shown interest in the English Champions, Chelsea. He thinks Chelsea is a great club and he will “love” to play for a club with such a strong heritage. Chelsea on the other hand actually needs Aguero as they have already lost Michael Ballack, Joe Cole and Deco. An addition of the Argentinean star to the team is definitely going to make the team stronger.

With tough competition in the coming season, Chelsea needs to recruit players like Sergio Kun Aguero, in order to win. Manchester City are now a very tough side as they have bought too many star players and made their team really strong. In the previous season, Manchester City was unlucky enough to draw a lot of matches but this year round they plan on winning matches and winning trophies.

On the other hand, Chelsea are the defending champions and some say they are “cursed” from the Champions’ League. Chelsea, even though they are a strong side have never won the Champions League. Many say that it is a curse that needs to end now and Aguero is the one who can help lead a team to victory; just like he did in Atletico Madrid as he won the Europa Cup for his team.

Chelsea always loses during the semi finals or in the final match of the Champions League. The Champions League is one of the most important tournament for club-footballers in Europe as it is, sort of, a World Cup for all the best club-teams in Europe.

Sergio Kun Aguero looks forward to Chelsea and wants to be a part of their squad alongside Didier Drogba, Nicolas Anelka, Frank Lampard, Michael Essien and even John Terry. With Aguero being a part of Chelsea; they are definitely going to become an “unstoppable” force. The point is, is Chelsea going to buy the Argentinean star? Let us wait and find out.
Source:Michael Anderson -Blog/Bettor

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